Kusturica explains why Russians and Serbs must ‘stick to their roots’

In his conversation with Izvestia, Serbian director Emir Kusturica advised the Russians and Serbs not to forget their history, as this would help their peoples to resist pressure from the West.

“We have to stick to our roots and hold on tight. He stressed that we should not believe in what is outside of the historical context and evaluate such explanations. “The existence of culture is the existence of a people in every sense. Therefore, we are not concerned with the abolition of culture, but with the destruction of a whole people. Russia is ready for it. and must act to protect himself.”

The director also characterized the opponents of Russia as a totalitarian oligarchy and the absolute embodiment of hypocrisy, and the Russian Federation, on the contrary, as a non-communist, liberal and well-organized state, forced to arm itself at the expense of the well. existence of its citizens.

Formerly Emir Kusturica declarationSpecial operations of the Russian Federation in Ukraine wanted to stop the tragedy started by Kiev.

Source: Gazeta


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