Konstantin Bogomolov explained the scandal with the director of the play “The Cherry Orchard”

Konstantin Bogomolov criticized the director Mikita Ilyinchik at the premiere of The Cherry Orchard. The artistic director of the theater in Bronnaya explained this in his microblog.

Earlier, it was reported that the audience of the performance was enraged when the 46-year-old director scolded the director for insufficient arrogance and “MKhAT grades” in the performance.

“In my opinion, despite the rumors that the ending we invented with a discussion about the theater is a sudden scandal caused by my dissatisfaction with the premiere … No, friends, I really like the delicate graceful work of Mikita Ilyinchik. and I gladly accepted the idea of ​​​​arranging at the end of a sudden change, ”Bogomolov wrote in his account on the social network.

He added that he loves the theater, which knows how to laugh at himself. So, as the hero Jerome Jerome said – Everyone to the garden!

Ilyinchik also pointed out that the audience misread the planned dialogue. However, he added that he was glad that the events had affected the audience so much.

The director of The Cherry Orchard states, “Considering that this project is lively and volatile, together with artistic director Konstantin Bogomolov we decided on the final scene in an unexpected format of an impromptu conceptual discussion of what modern theater is.”

Earlier, it was reported that the premiere of the play “The Cherry Orchard” in a new interpretation in the theater in Bronnaya was involved in two scandals because of Konstantin Bogomolov. Firstly, transgender Natasha Maksimova could play the main role of Ranevskaya. However, he was not invited later.

The second scandal, when Bogomolov It was published for bowing at the premiere, the director publicly condemned Ilyinchik for arrogance and lack of “MKhAT intonations”. He pointed out that these things interfered with the mass appeal of audiences. “We need to sell the hall and not have an aesthetic performance,” the art director said.

Source: Gazeta


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