Alicante unveils creative housing program in Las Cigarreras

Alicante City Council, Department of Culture and his council Employment and Local Development, plans to start Creative Residences program in Las CigarrerasBidding base budget divided into five lots and total: 193.019.82 € (including VAT) and with a period until 31 December 2023.

This program It is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).As part of the 12th Axis Urban Development of the Operational Program for Sustainable Growth (Edusi) for 2014-2020 programming, A way to do Europe.

Cultural Consultant, Anthony Manresastated “Our aim is to support and promote the artistic fabric of the city and to make Alicante visible as an attractive focal point for contemporary culture.Both nationally and internationally.”

In total they will be programmed five different housing lines to create, research, experiment, produce and/or develop creative projects: natural creationto create experimental electronic musicfor creation audiovisualcreation photographic and for interdisciplinary research.

The creative residency program at the Las Cigarreras Cultural Center, make visible As the city of Alicante attractive setting for contemporary culture. The objectives of this program are part of the Integrated Sustainable Urban Development Strategy EDUSI – Las Cigarreras Region, and in the Strategy itself it shows the crossover of the different lines of action designed.

In this sense a network of co-working spaces that they will use municipal donations such as housing local Sergeant Vaillo, Las Cigarreras dryer Hello old tobacco factoryto create opportunities for local creators from a wide range of artistic disciplines.

Creative Residences

Creative residences each have specific case of residence for creation scenicUsers will be creators working in theatre, circus, dance, performance and/or other movement arts. regarding the creation experimental musicusers will be sound artists, experimental electronic musicians, creative coders or any professional capable of developing a project within the spectrum of experimental sounds and dance music.

Similarly, residential users for artistic creation audiovisual They will be artists who research and produce in the context of new media such as digital art, audio-visual, experimental cinema, video art. About the residences to be created photographic, users will be photographers and artists, creators, researchers and cultural producers around image work. And finally his residence interdisciplinary researchthat buyers will combine different approaches to the same issue.

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