he is one the most beautiful and elegant flowers exists. Not surprisingly, making their bouquets is one of the brides’ favorites. we are talking about white bay a slender flower that can reach a height of one meter. It is also known by other names. lotus or Ethiopian circle. Despite its delicate and fragile appearance, it is a very durable plant and is ideal for growing at home. We will tell you how you can plant in a pot and due care to make it always look perfect in any corner of your home.


  • A tree that you can plant in a pot and add a fresh and natural atmosphere to your home.

  • Beautiful white flower that will naturally scent your home for weeks

How to plant a Cala Blanca at home

The easiest way to plant plants at home white bay passes through the bulbs. Put a few of them together and leave a gap of about 15 centimeters and so when they open you will have a real natural bouquet. Choose one large pots with good drainage and put a layer of clay underneath to facilitate the removal of excess water. Then place the bulbs and on top of it another layer of substrate fertilized with an organic fertilizer. Water but not too much because this plant needs constant moisture but watering its roots is not good. Place the pot in a well-lit place at home and be ready to enjoy its beautiful blooms in no time.

White calla flower is very stylish pixabay

How to care for the Cala Blanca plant?

When it comes to care white bay You have to consider some aspects, such as the amount of water needed or whether pruning is required. We will detail everything needed for the smooth growth of Cala.

Cala needs indirect light to grow, so you should place it in a part of the house where it is in partial shade. You can put it in a sunnier place for a few hours if you want, but be careful not to get direct sunlight as it can damage the flowers.

White calla needs a lot of moisture pixabay

This plant needs a lot of moisture to survive. You should water frequently, especially during the flowering period. The easiest way to know when to water is to look at the soil and water before it dries. You can put a plate under the pot to maintain humidity.

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You should carefully look after this flower, as it can be attacked by different pests, such as cochineal or red spider. If you see spots on its leaves, it may have been attacked by cochineal insects, so you should apply a treatment to remove them. If the leaves turn yellow, the plant can be attacked by the red spider mite. A good way to avoid this is to spray the leaves with water. it is always moist.