Koldun, participant of “Eurovision-2007”, said that the competition has been politicized in the last 15 years.

Belarusian singer Dmitry Koldun, who took sixth place at Eurovision 2007, told Gazeta.ru the growing influence of politics on the competition. According to the artist, it is difficult for him to talk about not participating in the music competition of Russia and Belarus in 2022, because “this topic is not musical at all.”

“Clearly, politics in the contest today has a much greater impact than in my participation,” Koldun said.

He said that he does not follow the Eurovision participants this year, but will try to watch the broadcast of the contest.

“Without preparation, it is always more interesting to watch the course of the competition: the favorites do not appear. Listening and learning new music in every quality is part of my profession. Based on this, recruiting participants does not really matter, – said Koldun. “I hope one day the competition will return to its original purpose of reunification.”

Eurovision 2022 will be held in Turin, Italy from 10-14 May.

Earlier, the British newspaper The Guardian called the Ukrainian rap group Kalush Orchestra. favorite “Eurovision-2022”.

Source: Gazeta


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