Rigoberta Bandini swept the nets with the premiere of her ‘Ay mama’ music video

What better day for Rigoberta Bandini to premiere than the day honoring all mothers? Video clip of ‘Ay mama’. The song is already authentic feminist march, Although Not selected to represent Spain at Eurovision 2022, He already has his own video clip. Artist Rigoberta Bandini, who starred with her dancers in the video clip of the song, shows various aspects of her life.

The video starts in what appears to be the recording and composition studio where she meets her son Nico, so she wants to show it to us. mother face, also worker. However, over a longer period five minutes of video clipdominate his direction, as he has done so far. creative and artist, showing women in their various forms and praising mothers. At one point in the clip, we can see how she thought of a photo of her young mother and it all goes to show that she was the one who really inspired her to compose the lyrics and sing the song. The composer is definitely another one of his aspects, and he appears to be writing in a notebook, responsible for capturing it in a video clip in an image where he appears next to his instruments. Lyrics of the song ‘Moon Mother’.

As for the style of the video clip, it stands out for its originality and, as expected, claims maternity and women’s breasts and he does this at the beginning of the video clip with a group of women from prehistory until he reaches the future where he shows how he sees women. women, strong, warriors and conquerors of the world in a few years, because in the final scene, what kind of planet is our planet? laser edible giant tit against all threatsincluding the censorship of the main social networks, which he often had to circumvent.

In the video clip, she also tours the female figure in art and Delacroix painting ‘Freedom that guides the people’ in which song it speaks: ‘Let’s stop the city, take out a chest in pure Delacroix fashion’.

As it began, the video ends with Rigoberta taking care of her son Nico, who she holds in her arms in a gesture of kindness and compassion that brings us back to the artist-turned-mother.

On the other hand, it is useful to specify the release date of the video clip. since the song was heard by First time at Benidorm Fest, she asked her to release the video clip, and the singer chose Mother’s Day as another symbol of her career builders and especially of this song that has already become an anthem.

Like everything the artist does, this video clip would not be any less and in just a few hours. it went viral.

There have been many and many fans, followers, artists and music experts supporting and praising the Barcelonaian’s work, paying special attention to the detail of its release on a special day like today for all moms around the world. .

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