Michael Jackson’s former maid accuses him of cruelty to animals

Singer Michael Jackson in an interview with Adrian McManus’ former maid Sun stated that there was animal cruelty in the artist’s farm.

According to her, the star was negligent towards the animals kept in her Neverland mansion.

“There shouldn’t have been a zoo because no one cared for the animals properly and all the staff were in danger. I’m surprised no one was seriously injured,” the woman said.

He claims that animals on the farm are constantly dying or disappearing and no one cares about it. As McManus points out, one of Neverland’s chimpanzees once bit a child’s face. Jackson also began to scold the boy for teasing the monkey.

He also noted that the celebrity allowed the farm’s guests to throw stones at the lion Kimber. The former housekeeper added that Jackson invites visitors to the property to feed the giraffes, although he constantly bites people.

Former American singer and actress Janet Jackson saidhis brother, Michael Jackson, brutally mocked him for his weight.

Source: Gazeta


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