At an interrupted concert in Sochi, the audience spoke of singer MakSim’s “poor condition” 10:38

Sochi resident Sergei, who attended the MakSim concert, which was interrupted by the artist’s poor health, told that the singer was “in a strange state” throughout the performance. Saying that “I’d better not go” to the concert, the man expressed the view that the organizers should cancel the concert and “not tarnish the honor”.

“I was at a concert yesterday, but it would have been better if I had not gone there. MakSim was in an awkward position, pregnant hoodie, bare back, with folds of skin on his back. I didn’t hit a single note from the first song and then it got worse. From his appearance and behavior, there was a feeling that he was under the influence of something. At the third song we got up and left with most people. Those who stayed later said that in the fifth song he did not specifically weave a pot, but quietly turned around and the whole team left the stage behind him. People waited in the silence of the hall for about thirty minutes, but no one came out, apologized or explained what had happened. Then the police came, people called because they didn’t want to refund the tickets. It would have been better if she had remained in my memory not as that beautiful-voiced, radiant girl. “If you feel really bad, why go on stage, it’s easier to cancel the concert and not be disgraced,” he said.

Another spectator Yulia explained in an interview with that the media information that MakSim threw the microphone before leaving the stage was not true. According to the woman, it was clear that “something was wrong” with MakSim’s health, so the organizers had to cancel the concert or turn on the soundtrack.

“As for the microphone, no one threw it away. It seems that at the very end he got very sick and left the stage. The whole performance was obvious that she could not sing – it was difficult for her, and her voice was hoarse. He didn’t look drunk, but it was clear that something was wrong with his health. Still, I think the person feels bad. I would explain her leaving without saying anything by the fact that she was no longer able to do that. I think this should have been done by the organizer, who in principle for some reason did not knowingly cancel the concert. Or at least they’ll turn on the soundtrack at the end so that he doesn’t suffer and people dance to themselves, ”said the artist.

Julia added that she was “humanely” sorry for the singer and had no complaints against him for trying to sing despite her condition.

“I have no complaints about the artist, it was clear that it was difficult for him, he got off the stage several times, but still tried to sing. As a human being, I feel sorry for him. I think hearing that you’re not doing well among the crowd of fans made matters worse. We were four friends and we all agreed that we would not return the money. He still sang the most popular songs as best he could, but sang. We had a dance floor. And it’s not that big of a sum, but I also understand people who pay for their place, for example, on the ground. Of course they resent the way things are,” he stressed.

In turn, a fan of MakSim Olga told that the singer came to Krasnaya Polyana from Kolomna for her concert. She stressed that she wrote an application for a refund, but only because it was interrupted.

“If the concert had ended with a bad sound, we wouldn’t have thought about it, because everything is clear, a person is after a disease. And then it was just a shame, ”the woman said.

Previously seen video of how singer MakSim left the stage at a concert in Sochi. As the concert audience told, the singer left the stage alone, “with his head held high.” In turn, the director of the artist knowledgeable The Telegram channel noted that “at the moment the concert started, the artist did not feel well and this affected the quality of the event” and was therefore stopped.

Source: Gazeta


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