Due to the worsening financial situation, the number of transactions for the sale of housing in Moscow increased by 5% 10:38

Moscow residents began to sell housing 5% more often due to the worsening financial situation. About this newspaper “Izvestia” declaration Analysts at NDV Supermarket Real Estate.

About 5% of all transactions in the secondary market are made to receive funds, some of which is used to pay the accounts payable and other needs of the seller or his relatives. For example, the most common causes are low income levels, job loss or business closure.

According to analysts, about 21% of housing is sold, as financial problems of close relatives need to be resolved. 7% of the houses are sold because there is no money to pay for treatment.

The publication noted that people began to sell their homes more often because they could not cope with the financial burden when buying a mortgage. Therefore, it is necessary to sell housing and look for more economical options with significantly lower monthly mortgage payments.

On March 12, the newspaper Izvestia cited data from VSN Realty analysts. WroteThat the supply of apartments in Moscow has increased by more than 2.2 times in 2022.

Source: Gazeta


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