“I want to speak on topics that are clear and close to the audience”

– You called Mark Ovski “a boy who flew to Earth from another planet”, revealing your nickname, your alter ego. Honestly, it kind of reminds me of David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust… What do you think of his work – and who inspires you in music in general?

– Space theme is used in one of my videos. It inspires me a lot, so I kept this “cosmic” image to myself. But now I have “landed” on planet Earth and plan to talk about topics that will be understandable and close to many.

As for David Bowie, I think the music would have been very different without him. Definitely a great experimenter and musical revolutionary for me. But now I’m more inspired by Harry Styles. By the way, he was often compared to Bowie and Elton John. Music styles have a lot in common.

– When I listen to your songs, in some of them your voice somehow reminded me of Dima Bilan or Dmitry Koldun. And texts and style – Sergey Lazarev or Misha Mavrin. Especially if we talk about Russian-speaking artists, which of them is closer to you? Maybe there are idols among them?

– I have no idols – and frankly, never have. All the mentioned artists are interesting in their own way, each has its own audience. Entering the charts, participating in Eurovision is a confirmation of this. And we have co-authors and sound producers with some of them.

You admitted you’re a shopaholic. How will you deal with this habit when some foreign brands leave the Russian market?

– Yes, I’m really a shopaholic, I love shopping. There are items from both foreign and Russian designers that I wear regularly. There are still some waiting to be published (to laugh). True, some of them are so beautiful that it is even a pity to wear them …

I have supported and support Russian designers a lot. Especially now, when opportunities for international recognition are somewhat narrowed. By the way, although a stylist works with us on the clip set, I always correct this or that image on my own.

Have you ever planned to go into clothing or any other job?

– Oh no. I think everyone should mind their own business. And do it with love and professionalism. I’ve been working, learning and improving so hard to make high quality, interesting songs that I can’t even think of any other field. There is even a clear distinction between us and producers: they are responsible for investment and promotion, and I am responsible for creativity. I don’t have an entrepreneurial spirit.

Not much is known about your past. Why? Do you not want to deliberately advertise your childhood?

– I’m not hiding anything, it’s just that my life is not full of extraordinary facts that you can talk about. He studied a lot, because from childhood he wanted to become a professional artist: a music school, an art college, a cultural institute … But otherwise he lived the life of an ordinary Russian teenager. I understand that people in our profession have a very wide personal scope. But at the same time, it seems strange to me to report on a joint photo with my soul mate or family.

For now, I focus on what I do as an artist. And I tell very personal stories in my songs. I think people are much more interested in these kinds of disclosures.

One of the few things known about your past is that you were bullied at school. Moreover, both by teachers and by their peers. What advice would you give to young people who find themselves in a similar situation? How did it come out of it?

“Over the years, I’ve developed an immunity to hate. After all, the truth is that even at school I faced misunderstandings from my classmates and teachers. Think about it: A music-loving man lives for it—he’s a priori weirdo. So now I absolutely do not react to haters. And I can exist calmly knowing that someone doesn’t love me.

As for advice for those concerned about someone else’s opinion: I think these types of people should love constructive criticism. After all, it often explains what, where and how. And you have to understand – you don’t have to please everyone. In the meantime, I even had the idea to start a movement to help children who find themselves in the same situation who are emotionally abused by their teachers and peers. Maybe one day it will come true.

– All your videos are created in the style of future science fiction, where salvation can only be sought in love. Were you inspired by the work of dystopian authors who made this topic hugely popular?

— My music and video works are kind of history. I wanted people to immerse themselves in them – like in a good movie. Dreams and fantasies of love may look completely different, mine are like that. It’s a little futuristic and unrealistic, but that’s what dreams are for.

— Love is one of the main themes of your work. Do you already understand what it is? Did you find your love?

– Definitely yes. I have said that I often tell personal stories. My latest single “Sneg” is about love and a life story. The new song “Udali”, which I will be releasing in April, is about emotions and relationships. As for my personal life, my heart is busy. First of all – great love for your work (to laugh).

What do you do in your free time from music? Do you have a hobby?

– I like cooking. My hobbies are music and cooking. I found many recipes for myself, often I bring them from travels.

– In one of the interviews, you admitted that you are professionally engaged in equestrian sports. How was it?

I’ve been riding for about a year. When I come to training I start all over again, it’s a great cure for stress for me. I do this only for myself, for my soul, so I do not participate in competitions.

– Do you like animals? Getting a pet?

I love animals especially horses and dogs. Due to my job and constant travelling, I can’t afford to have a pet yet, but I will definitely have a dog in my future years.

Pop singer Mark Ovski made his debut with the hits “Barefoot” and “Take Care”, which received millions of views on YouTube but little is known about his career and personal life. The young artist spoke about his work, childhood, passion for shopping, bullying and horse riding in an interview with socialbites.ca.

Source: Gazeta


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