Last year, more than 202,000 home purchases were funded for $24.9 billion.

According to the Quarterly Housing Report for the end of 2021, industry growth has remained solid over the past year as Asobancaria-related entities have paid off 202,859 financing operations. living space (OFV) is worth $24.9 billion.

These figures represent an annual change of 61% in number and 70.7% in actual value, compared to 2020 data. The purchase of new housing received 128,566 OFV for COP 13.5 billion, while the purchase of 74,293 OFV 11.6 billion USD for used housing.

As of December 2021, the nominal balance of the member institutions’ total individual housing portfolio was $88.7 trillion, representing a real annual growth of 7.09% compared to 2020. The housing rental portfolio balance of the member organizations, which has reached 24.8 billion dollars, emphasizes that this is the portfolio that has grown the most in the housing segment in the last five years.

The report highlights that the average interest rate in pesos for VIS home purchases in December was 10.64% and 9.15% for non-VIS homes. In addition, he highlights that according to information from TransUnion, marked payments of Mi Casa Ya increased by 78.8% in 2021.

Asobancaria expects 232,000 home finance transactions to be processed this year, amounting to US$26.6 trillion, which is 4.83% annually and 6.83% in real terms compared to what was accumulated in 2021.

Source: Lare Publica


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