The return of the sheriff and the evil Russians: what is known about the new “Very strange things”

Sheriff Hopper will be back

The fate of Sheriff Jim Hopper, who was at the epicenter of the explosion in the Russian army laboratory, was revealed with a previously published teaser for the series. In it, the guardian of the Eleventh is engaged in trivial business at the Russian military base in Kamchatka. There is a version that this character will become an antagonist in the next season (this was specifically hinted at by the performer of the role, David Harbor). In an interview, Harbor compared his hero’s fate to what happened when he transforms from an old wizard into a new version of himself, surpassing the wizard Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings.

“We got it [Хоппера] again, in a sense, because he spent a lot of time in a Russian prison. It has to be reborn from what it has become,” said Harbor.

Russia withdrew in Lithuania

Scenes of the Russian prison were created in the former Lukishki prison in Lithuania, freed from the captivity of Tsarist Russia, the Republic of Poland, the Third Reich, the Soviet Union, and even today’s Lithuania. It was built in the early 1900s and only closed in 2019. Russia’s winter scenes were also shot in Lithuania.

“My adventure in Lithuania was a great challenge, but an even greater inspiration. We are so grateful to the city of Vilnius and the beautiful country of Lithuania for their hospitality,” said director Shawn Levy.

new heroes

You can see metalhead Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) and Argyle (Eduardo Franco) newcomers to Hawkins High School in the photos released by Netflix. Munson will become president of the Hellfire Club. In the picture, he plays with an ominous look in the board game Dungeons and Dragons, beloved by the main characters. According to insiders, Argyle will be responsible for his “cool dude” image.

Additionally, the new season will feature Jamie Campbell Bower as Peter Ballard, regular at Pennhurst Psychiatric Hospital, Joel Stoffer as clinic head Hatch, and Robert Englund as patient Victor Creel. He will be played by Tom Vlachikha, Hopper’s friend in a Russian prison. Mom star Amybeth McNulty will play the role of schoolgirl Vicki, who will attract the attention of one of the main characters.

The plot of the fourth season

The action of the new series will unfold six months after the events of the previous season. In the last episodes, the teenagers beat the Mind Flayer at the mall. Now, according to information from the authors of the Duffer brothers, the heroes will have to face a new evil:

“A new fear is beginning to emerge in the United States. It is something long buried that binds us all together,” they shared.


Fans speculate that the mystery of season four will involve Victor Creel’s home in Hawkins. Paranormal phenomena occur in it from the “wrong side”. In the teaser, the main characters even go in search of the sinister place.

At the same time, Netflix states that the characters will scatter around the world: one will end up in snowy Russia like Hopper, and one in sunny California. Few strange things will happen with Hawkins himself.

“We are no longer in Hawkins in scope, scale, or even concept,” said David Harbor.

Another fan speculation is that the creators of the series, Eleven’s father and season one antagonist Dr. That he plans to bring Martin Brenner back. The inclusion of Hatch’s asylum line into the plot only reinforces these speculations, as his clinic may only be a cover for Brenner’s new experiments.

Police Steve

Earlier, a frame that included the name Steve Harrington among other names of Hawkins police officers was leaked to the network. Fans decided that the protagonist could change the job of an ice cream seller for a deputy sheriff.

when will the new season come out

The fourth season of the series will be divided into two parts. The first will be released on May 27, and the second on July 1. The series has already been confirmed for a fifth season.

what is the series about

Stranger Things is a Netflix original from the authors of the Duffer Brothers. In it, the usual life of teenagers (Jonathan, Joyce and Mike) is disrupted by the mysterious disappearance of their friend Will. In parallel with this, a girl with magical abilities appears in the city. Young people face the evil life in the other world, constantly trying to get rid of it, and not without the efforts of local scientists.

On May 27, the fourth season of the famous Stranger Things series about teenagers battling extraterrestrial forces will premiere on Netflix. What happened to Sheriff Hopper, what awaits new heroes – in the material.

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