The Ministry of Economic Development opposes the issuance of compulsory licenses to foreign cinema in the Russian Federation 08:35

The Russian Ministry of Economic Development opposed the senators’ proposal to allow foreign films to be shown in Russian cinemas without the permission of the copyright holders, but for a fee. TASSreferring to the ministry’s official response to a request from the Federation Council committee on economic policy.

The chairman of the committee, Andrey Kutepov, told the agency that the licenses of Walt Disney, Sony, BBC Studios, Warner Bros, Universal Pictures and other films by foreign companies for Russians were terminated as a result of a special operation. The films were released to the public and licensed outside the country, “contrary to international law norms and considered an abuse of copyright holders’ rights”.

In the document signed by Deputy Minister of Economic Development Maxim Kolesnikov, it is stated that the proposal for legislative change is not supported, as it may lead to violations of international agreements with the participation of the Russian Federation. as negative assessments of Russian legislation and law enforcement practices in the field of property rights and property protection.

The answer clarifies that various international agreements of Russia create a system of international legal protection in the field of copyright and related rights, designed to support the protection of authors’ rights to literary and artistic works, as well as to promote literary and artistic works. creativity, “providing the solution of problems that arise in connection with economic, social, cultural and technological development”.

The Ministry explained that the copyright holder may, at its discretion, allow or prohibit others from using the results of their intellectual activity or property.

“Therefore, the legislation of the Russian Federation provides for the protection and protection of exclusive rights to copyright objects and related rights,” the document states.

Previously directed by Akim Salbiev compared to a bill to show foreign films with unlicensed piracy.

Source: Gazeta


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