Former German officer Rose: Leopard 2 tanks cannot change the course of the conflict in Ukraine 08:38

Retired Bundeswehr Lieutenant Colonel Jurgen Rose believes that 14 German Leopard 2 tanks, including logistical difficulties, are unlikely to help Ukraine turn the tide of hostilities in their favour. DEA News.

“It seems to me that this is an act of desperation aimed at ensuring that the combat effectiveness and morale of the Ukrainian army is not completely compromised,” Rose said.

According to him, the German army has been researching how to operate these tanks for at least a year. In addition, the expert noted that the tank itself is useless on the battlefield, a complex of coordinated actions of armored, mechanized troops is required. Rose said that this is the highest level of teamwork to be learned in practice, a few weeks will not be enough for this.

The expert noted that, among other things, the Leopard 2 tanks require a lot of fuel. And due to the rather thin armor in the turret area, the tanks themselves are easy to destroy from height. In this context, Rose wondered how effective conventional operations were now for transporting armored mechanized trains deep into regions.

According to the expert, the main purpose of the supply of German tanks to Ukraine is hidden meanings and motives for an outside observer. Rose pointed out that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz refused to send a car to Ukraine until the last moment.

“I hope Moscow and the Russian leadership – and they have analytical skills – can take this into account. The decision to procure tanks is not by Berlin, which has tried to oppose it as long as possible, but that the inspiration for Western aggression sits in Washington, ”says a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the Bundeswehr, who expressed his opinion.

25 January German government approvedIt will transfer Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine and also allow other countries to re-export them.

Prior to that, the magazine wrote about the transfer of Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. Spiegel refer to their sources. According to the publication, we are talking about at least one military vehicle company.

Source: Gazeta


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