IKEA closes the sale in six days. Where to look for these products?

last sale

Swedish retailer at IKEA announced The end date of the final online sale of goods in Russia due to the termination of the company’s business in Russia. According to the IKEA website, the point of no return will be August 15.

“On August 15, 2022, at 20:00 Moscow time, the online sale of IKEA products to buyers and IKEA customers for business will end,” the company said in a statement.

IKEA stores will remain closed and operate only for orders received, returns and exchanges. The company said that orders placed before the end of the sale will be delivered to buyers in August and September at the time agreed when placing the order.

Despite the dissolution of the Swedish retailer, the Russians will have the opportunity to buy for him goods produced by local companies and their analogues. According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, more than 30 domestic enterprises have worked with the foreign giant. Some continue to make the same or very similar products.

“Yandex Market”

In early August, companies producing goods for IKEA began selling furniture, textiles and household products on Yandex.Market. The marketplace has created a special page for them. The number of suppliers that cooperated with the Russian site included 11 companies. Among them are the AGF-Group company from Kazakhstan (products under the Arua brand), the Askona factory, the Shuisky Sitzy factory and the Angstrem furniture holding. Yandex.Market reports that it is negotiating to connect other IKEA product manufacturers to the platform.

On the special page of the bazaar, you can find Arua duvet cover – duvet cover, pillowcases and sheets. Askona sells mattresses and mattress covers.

In Ya.Market, Russians will also be able to buy IKEA products directly. These include chairs, stools, coffee tables, TV cabinets, tables, floor shelves, cosmetic mirrors, laptop stands, kitchen utensils and others.

At the same time, those who wish should hurry – a number of models have already been sold, and by August 15, the range offered on the market will be significantly reduced, most likely due to the excitement of the final sale of Sweden. retailer.

Blueberry and Ozone

You can also buy IKEA products and the like from Russian suppliers in other major marketplaces. At the end of June, the variety Wildberries appeared.

Currently, the Swedish retailer’s furniture line is represented by chests of drawers, benches, blankets, wine tables, mattresses, pillows, curtains, towels, bathroom shelves, kitchenware and other categories of goods. There’s even ground coffee from IKEA.

On the ozone special page, Russians have access to double beds, blankets, chairs, smartphone holders, soft toys, spice pots, clothes cleaning rollers, reusable bags, flower baskets, food containers, chair wheels, cutting boards and many other items. Swedish retailer.

Russian suppliers

After August 15, Russians will be able to buy goods from the Swedish retailer and the like on the websites of suppliers. For example, Billy furniture for IKEA was produced by WallyTally. On the company’s website, the line is presented under the same name. Now the company’s furniture range has huge discounts – from 20% to 32%.

The linens for the Swedish retailer were sewn by Shuisky Prints. After IKEA stopped working with it, the supplier created its own Yerrna linen collection, similar to IKEA models. The collection is currently available for purchase from Ozone and Wildberries. Discounts on linens reach 50% and more.

Askona produced 80% of IKEA’s bed range. Despite the fact that the Russian company does not plan to produce copies of the Swedish retailer’s products in the future, the company’s assortment includes very similar mattresses – the Essential and Sleep Expert series. Blueberries are now 45% off on the Basic Comfort model and 90% off on the Ozone Basic Action.

In addition, other analogues of the goods of the Swedish retailer will be offered to the Russians – towels and waffle towels from the Donetsk Plant (models Temini, Calm, Veliera are sold on the website of the Cleanelly online store), shelves, racks, kitchen furniture, countertops from the company “Lastra” (HIT, ” “Classic” shelves and others are available on the factory website and also on Ozon), pillows, blankets, chair cushions, benches, swings, curtains, blankets under the Belvita brand from Infotex (you can buy from Ozon) and even cheesecake from Mr.Food (supplies the same product to Auchan, Magnit, Pyaterochka, Samokat, Vkusvill under the brands Mr.Food and Creative Kitchen).

In the future, analogues of IKEA beds from the Russian manufacturer Ormatek may also appear on large markets. The company plans to sell to its wholesale partners two models of mattresses with the same characteristics as in goods manufactured for IKEA: Bergen is an analogue of Malvik, Oslo is an analogue of Hovag.

Swedish retailer IKEA announced that it was shutting down online sales on August 15 due to shrinking business in Russia. However, the Russians will still be able to purchase goods after this date. Products for the Swedish company were supplied by more than 30 Russian manufacturers. The assortment will continue to be available in major markets including Ozone, Wildberries and Yandex.Market. In the socialbites.ca review, which IKEA products and their Russian counterparts will remain on sale after mid-August.

Source: Gazeta


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