One in three young people who qualify for the Cultural Bonus have already applied

in total 166,583 young people turning 18 in 2022 have already applied for the Youth Culture Bonus Since last 25 July, 400 euros, or 33 percent of those eligible for this payment, have requested it.

This was made clear by the Minister of Culture, Miquel Iceta, who encouraged young people to apply for bonuses in statements made by the EP to Radio Nacional de EspaƱa. number of young people who will be eligible for aid 500,000.

Minister hopes to succeedCheck documents during September It is provided by applicants to verify that all requirements are met before presenting the “bag card” to them.

In this context, he expressed his satisfaction with the reaction of the initiative, which was transmitted not through “traditional propaganda” and advertisements, but through social networks. answer “very, very big”, but “there is still a way to go” Until applications are completed by October 15.

Thus, he took advantage of the “opportunity” for “all” young people turning 18 in 2022, that is, born in 2004 and believing that the initiative will exist from this year, to become “whole” and “came to stay“as an indication that society “trusts” young people, trusts them, and hopes “to allow them to embrace and be embraced by the culture”.

Source: Informacion


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