“Sustainable investments increased 18% versus 4% for the rest of the industry”

For over three decades, BlackRock has managed financial security control by investing the savings of individuals and institutions in major global markets.

In 2022, the company is committed to providing better portfolio transition, analysis and advisory tools focused mainly on sustainable investments of up to $500 billion worldwide. Diego Mora, country manager of BlackRock Colombia, highlighted the innovations of the second debt fund for infrastructure projects that will contribute to the local economic revival.

What financial balance do you provide for 2021? What trends have you observed?

First of all, I would like to remind you what BlackRock does. We are a global asset manager helping millions of people increase their savings to meet their investment goals.

On the other hand, we bring the world of investment closer to everyone and encourage sustainable investments, manage resources in companies and create projects that will have an impact on economic growth and job creation.

Last year was a record year for the company, growing 11% despite hitting an all-time high of $10 billion in assets under management. But that’s the money that investors trust us to invest on their behalf, we start from escrow to take care of that money.

How is the capital they manage distributed?

About $6.5 trillion is under management in ETF assets. On the other hand, USD 2.5 billion is under active management; approximately $750 billion in cash management tools; and close to US$330 billion in our alternative platform or private equity funds.

You encourage investment in the transition to zero net carbon emissions. How are investments moving in this direction and what trends do you see?

In the last five years, sustainable investments they grew 18% versus 4% for the rest of the industry. With regard to the energy transition, we begin by recognizing that it is an ongoing process and has an impact on both markets and the real economy.

We have the technological tools to understand climate risk in portfolios for those who want to navigate this transition, and we provide mutual funds for those who want to contribute to it.

How much money do they manage in sustainable investments?

Around $500,000 million is a growing number that outstrips the rest of what’s covered on the platform.


  • John Paul CordobaHead of BVC

    It is very pleasing that we are strengthening the Colombian Global Market so that more investors can access tools that are widely used around the world.”

BlackRock, Fiduciaria Bancolombia and seven institutional investors have confirmed that the infrastructure debt fund has been closed. What balance does this project achieve?

Investing in infrastructure is something we are particularly proud of because we contribute to the country’s economic growth; and the returns we generate benefit millions of citizens.

The first fund we launched in 2017 for $825,000 million consists of four projects: Al Mar 1 in Antioquia; Alma 190 km, in Cundinamarca and Tolima; and Transversal del Sisga and Ruta del Cacao in Santander.

What this fund does is collect commitments from investors and lend these resources to projects that are building these highways and creating nearly 8,000 jobs.

By 2022, we managed to get an investment commitment of $ 2.5 trillion in the second fund, the largest private fund launched in the country’s history. Infrastructure projects, mainly fourth and fifth generation highways, will be financed.

They suspended the purchase of Russian securities. occupation in Ukraine. What effect has it had on your operations?

We disagree with Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and its impact on lives. Before this conflict, there was an inflation shock amid the pandemic, now this cycle will be driven more, but we remain optimistic and advise people to keep investing because the economy is recovering.

How volatile are Public Procurement Offers to the Colombian Stock Exchange (BVC)?

OPAs were startling events that created significant gains in stocks and the stock market in general. Many analysts stressed that BVC’s shares were running at a discount compared to their worldwide peers, and now OPAs have given the country significant dynamism.

Source: Lare Publica


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