Goodbye Kawasaki and BMW. What motorcycles will the Russians be able to buy?

Due to sanctions and logistical problems, deliveries to Russia have been interrupted by the world’s leading motorcycle manufacturers. The US company Harley-Davidson announced the suspension of motorcycle exports to Russia. According to the Japanese agency Kyodo, it does not supply the country with Suzuki motorcycles.

It stopped shipments to motorcycle dealers and Honda, and EU officials banned the export of spare parts, including motorcycles and tires, to Russia exceeding 5,000 euros. In particular, the entire BMW model range falls under this restriction: even the youngest BMW G310 costs 5.5 thousand euros in the EU.

Honda’s Russian representative office informed that the company has no plans to leave Russia, but acknowledges problems with supply.

“Due to today’s supply chain disruptions, there may be delays in the delivery of products and spare parts, including guaranteed parts”

– It is stated in the press service of Honda.

Representatives of other motorcycle brands from Europe, the USA and Japan did not answer’s questions about the possible resumption of materials, the volume of available stocks and pricing policy at the time of publication of the material.

Dealers say that against this background, the prices of motorcycles from world-famous manufacturers have doubled.

“The final price of motorcycles has increased by 80-100% since the end of February.

Andrey Olkhovsky, managing director of the Avtodom group of companies (sales and services for BMW Motorrad, Ducati and KTM) told “Currently, almost the entire range of motorcycles can be purchased from us.”

Motorcycle sales will be lower this year than last year, but he says it’s not just motorcycles.

The Russian market for new motorcycles has been growing over the past few years. Thus, according to the Avtostat analytical agency, 18.4 thousand new motorcycles were sold in our country in 2021, an increase of 12.6% compared to the previous year. Sales also increased by a quarter in 2020 compared to 2019.

Experts say that if the bans and restrictions on the supply of motorcycles from Europe, Japan and the United States continue, the Russian motorcycle market will undergo a significant transformation. In this case, motorcycle dealers will have to intensify imports through the “gray” channels, the share of Chinese and Indian brands will increase. However, it cannot replace heavy motorcycles with powerful engines.

Most likely, supply chains through UAE, Dubai, Kazakhstan will be involved,

Domestic motorcycle engineer and developer Alexander Astapov believes that if there are no official channels left, you will have to rely on the “gray” dealers.

“It is not yet clear what will happen to the exchange rate and ability to pay, but it is already clear that motorcycles will become much more expensive, especially for European and American brands,” said Astapov.

Techniques from Japan, China, India and Thailand will not be able to replace brands in Europe and the United States – their fans believe that they will not switch to such bikes. To establish the production of motorcycles in Russia, our country does not have the necessary market volumes: to seriously consider this issue, it is necessary to sell about 30-50 thousand light motorcycles and at least 10 thousand heavy motorcycles annually, Astapov points out.

Motorcycle expert Ivan Vladimirov believes that foreign motorcycle brands’ representations still take a wait-and-see stance, but for some, a possible exit from the Russian market will not be a significant loss on a global scale.

“If the decision is made, Harley-Davidson will leave the Russian market unblinkingly – it sells with us less than 1% of its global volume.

For Honda, the Russian market, based on sales volumes, is also not visible, but this company would develop the motorcycle direction in Russia, ”Vladimov explains to – The number one brand of expensive imported motorcycles in our market is BMW and our market is important to them. As long as they’re on hold.

Chinese (Lifan, Loncin) and Indian (Bajaj) brands will surely take advantage of the situation and increase their presence. China does not manufacture motorcycle engines larger than 400cc. Look, adds the expert, so they’ll only bring light bikes.

In 2021, Bajaj was already in second place in sales in Russia, as a result of 2,4 thousand bikes, behind only BMW (2.8 thousand units).

Much more serious problems are expected with the availability of motorcycle equipment – most of what we sell, including high-tech helmets, special shoes for motorcyclists and other protection products, comes to Russia only from Europe, Japan and the USA.

“The real problem will be with motorcycle oils, spare parts and rubber, because for motorcycles like Harley-Davidson and BMW in China they practically do not produce spare parts and tires of the right size – even non-genuine parts for them. It is predominantly European and American made,” he said. summed up Vladimirov.

Market participants interviewed by say that the leading motorcycle manufacturers of Europe, the USA and Japan have stopped or limited the supply of their products to Russia, and the prices of motorcycles already imported into the country have doubled. Experts say motorcycle dealers will have to find workarounds for imports, and motorcycle owners will have serious problems with spare parts, consumables and equipment.

Source: Gazeta


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