Italy says they can survive winter without Russian gas

Claudio Descalzi, head of Italy’s largest oil and gas group Eni, said that if the Gazprom company manages to complete deals for the coming months, Italy can survive the winter without Russian gas. Republic.

“If they (the Russian supply) stopped now, we wouldn’t be ready. We will start to be ready in the autumn-winter months of 2022/23. “We need to finalize all the deals we’ve made in the last 4-5 months,” Descalzi said.

He pointed out that at the moment Italian gas storage facilities are 54% full. It is assumed that the storage facilities will be 70-80% full, thanks to the resumption of gas supplies from Algeria in the autumn.

“There will probably be a high warning and some restrictions, but in any case, there is a[source diversity]that will allow us to get through the winter,” Descalzi said.

Previously became knownIt has been reported that transportation along the two lines of the Turkish Stream will be suspended from 21 to 28 June.

Source: Gazeta


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