DR: Denmark faces gas supply crisis due to reduction in gas supply by Gazprom

Denmark is facing a “true gas supply crisis” due to Russian company Gazprom’s reduced gas supply via Nord Stream and rising energy prices. This has been reported DEA News” Referring to the Danish edition of DR.

“Make no mistake, we are in a very serious situation and we (Denmark. – socialbites.ca) could enter a real gas supply crisis. Gas prices again rise significantly, which makes its production much more expensive for Danish companies, and as a result, goods, including Danes, become more expensive, ”says the words of the industry director of the Danish Confederation of Troels of Industry. rani

As the publication notes, the list of “vulnerable consumers” for 2022-2023 includes more than 50 companies that could be completely or partially disconnected from the gas supply.

They added that their possible closure would have a negative impact on prices, particularly food.

Former Gazprom knowledgeableHaving had to reduce the gas supply via Nord Stream due to the timely return of gas compressor units from repair by Siemens and engine failures. At the same time, Siemens said that they cannot return the turbine from Montreal to Germany due to Canada’s sanctions against Russia.

Source: Gazeta


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