Gasoline and diesel prices fell sharply in the stock market after export restrictions 14:17

After the Russian government imposed restrictions on fuel exports, gasoline and diesel fuel prices fell by more than 10 percent on the stock market. This should St. Taken from data of the St. Petersburg International Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange (SPbMTSE).

The price of one ton of AI-95 decreased by 10.76% to 59,362 rubles per ton. AI-92 gasoline became cheaper by 9.63% (55,925 rubles), and summer diesel by 14.52% (61,431 rubles).

On September 21, the Russian government imposed a temporary restriction on the export of gasoline and diesel fuel. It was not specified how long the restriction would be valid. The cabinet explained its decision with the need to stabilize fuel prices in Russia.

The government emphasized that temporary restrictions “will help saturate the fuel market, which will reduce prices for consumers.”

They also announced that earlier, in order to stabilize the situation on the fuel market, the government increased the standards for fuel supply to the exchange, and daily monitoring of fuel oil purchases for the needs of agricultural producers was organized with rapid adjustment of volumes.

On September 20, Rosstat reported that the average price of gasoline in Russia in the week from September 11 to 18 increased by 44 kopecks, reaching 55.65 rubles per liter. The price of gasoline class AI-92 increased by 39 kopecks to 51.41 rubles, AI-95 – increased by 47 kopecks to 56.24 rubles, the price of AI-98 increased by 52 kopecks to 67.89 rubles per liter. The price of diesel fuel increased the most during the week – it increased by 1.32 rubles to 63.96 rubles per liter.

Neft Dyukov, formerly chairman of Gazprom warned about the risk of shortages of gasoline and diesel due to protective duties.

Source: Gazeta


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