Oliva was called before and after after his summit. History of Spanish footballThings are falling into place, although this is just the beginning and, as the players say, “there’s a lot to do”. Beyond the actions slowly taking shape, one of the most symbolic realities is Alexia Putellas and Irene Paredes They became captains of the national team again.

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as you know SPORTMontse Tomé from Ibérica Prensa Group told the players that they should choose 4 people who will wear the bracelet in this concentration, and the two people mentioned will be themselves. Mariona Caldentey And Aitana Bonmati.

This much Walls And AlexiaThe captains are also in Barça and Jenni Hermoso – attended Patri Guijarro They were left without a bracelet for the World Cup due to Mollet’s injury just before the 2022 European Cup. they took Ivana Andrés, Esther González And Irene Guerreroand they managed to show this on the field in his absence Alba Redondo, Olga Carmona And Misa Rodriguez.