The Guardian: The ‘golden age’ of cheap food in Britain is over

Newspaper says Britain’s ‘golden era’ of cheap groceries is over Guard It refers to Justin King, the former owner of Sainsbury’s, the second most common retail chain.

“We may have had a golden age <...> “I suspect we’re going to face higher food expenditures in the long run,” King says.

Economists polled by the publication confirmed King’s fears, noting an overall 9% increase in food prices in April alone. In addition to the global food crisis and the projected famine, there is also the internal crisis of pork producers – 80% of pig farms will go bankrupt due to rising electricity and wheat prices, according to the national union.

Egg and chicken meat production will also suffer due to the bird flu epidemic.

Former Senator Alexey Pushkov declarationThat the West’s policy has led to the destabilization of the food market.

Source: Gazeta


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