US Treasury threatens consequences of helping foreign banks evade sanctions on the Russian Federation

Foreign banks that help Russian oligarchs and businesses evade sanctions could lose access to markets in the US and Europe, Deputy Treasury Secretary Adewale Adeyemo said. reported that New York Times.

“If you provide financial support to a sanctioned person or entity, we can place you under our sanctions regime and use our tools to prosecute you,” he said.

He added that he wanted to make it “very clear” to banks that the United States and its allies are “ready to take action if they do anything that violates our sanctions.”

former United States introduced Sanctions against two major Russian banks, Sberbank and Alfa-Bank, as well as a ban on new investments in the Russian economy.

The United States has made an exception to sanctions against these financial institutions to pay for energy supplies from Russia. The restrictions will also affect new investments in the Russian economy.

Source: Gazeta


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