Spain Freestyle Master Series (FMS) conquers Valencia International

Spaniards Chuty and Blon and Mexican Lobo Estepario He put his signature under the most outstanding performances of the first day. Freestyle Master Series (FMS) organized by international Valencia.

Spaniard Chuty and Blon, Mexican Lobo Estepario, Argentine Stuart, Chilean Teorema and Venezuelan Chang, rivals of FMS Colombia, Qualified to the FMS International Grand Final By winning their own match at the Fuente de San Luis Pavilion in Valencia, in eastern Spain.

Chuty had the strongest performance of the night, with an unacceptable victory over the Chilean Basek, who during the war had never been able to stand up to the three-time FMS Spain champion.

Also amazing performance by Madrilenian As the best and most valuable ‘freestyler’ player of the day, MVP served him on a plateand cemented his candidacy as one of the main contenders to challenge the title of world champion that currently holds Gazir.

Blon, the second of FMS Spain’s representatives in Valencia, also had an outstanding performance against the current leader of the FMS Peru classification table, Nekroos. Barcelona dominated the match from start to finish. and imposed his creativity, leaving no surprise options.

a) Yes, Chuty and Blon will be featured again in the final phase of FMS InternationalAs in Peru in 2020, where they can face each other again, in an epic quarter-final duel that will be the last time both of them appear in the competition to date.

Mexican Steppewolf he was also one of the main protagonists of the night, because Argentinian ended his duel against Papo in his favorOne of the most anticipated of the night. The exchange of energy, the aggression of the rhymes, and the mystery of their respective characters made the war a show that arguably supports the Naucalpense.

Again, Papo may blame fatigueBefore his match against Lobo Estepario he had to save a postponed match between FMS Argentina and Katra, which decided to determine the matches of the day in which he managed to win at the minimum.

Same way, Argentine Stuart had to push himself to do his best To confirm for the first time his transition to the FMS Grand Final against the Colombian Philosopher, who surprised the people of Valencia enough to force a response against the current FMS champion Argentina.

FMS Colombia representative, Venezuelan Chang, completed one of the most unexpected achievements of the day. Win after a reply to Mexican RapderThe current holder of the FMS Mexico title.

Finally, in one of the battles that caused the most controversy and the greatest uncertainty among the fans, the Chilean Theorem, despite being true, was directly won by Stick. Peruvian completes first level improvisation exerciseboth in the understanding and execution of each of his rhymes.

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