Reuters: Ukraine’s military spending since the start of the Russian Federation’s special operations has exceeded $8 billion

Ukraine has spent $8.3 billion on military needs since the start of the Russian special operation. This has been reported Reuters With reference to Serhiy Marchenko, head of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

According to him, the money originally included in the budget for the development of the country went, among other things, to the purchase and repair of weapons. Marchenko added that Kiev urgently needs foreign support as the country has to send additional billions of dollars for emergency spending.

He added that in April, Ukraine received about $2 billion in external financing, of which $719 million was in the form of grants. Total external support since February has reached $5.4 billion.

He noted that Ukraine expects to receive a loan of $ 767 million from Canada in May.

Former Ministry of Finance of Ukraine called The EU will increase sanctions against Russia in the face of a possible recession.

Source: Gazeta


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