Founded the new Spanish Association of Passenger Railroad Companies

The main railway company in the country, renfe, signed with iryoBasque and Catalan public operators, with a new operator to start operations at the end of the year, euskotren Y Generalitat de Catalunya Railways (FGC), establishment of the new Spanish Passenger Railway Companies Association.

He just missed the appointment ouigoAnother new operator that started operations in May of last year, although company sources told Europa Press they do not exclude joining this association but now they are focused on opening new routes and consolidating their market presence.

The main purpose of the association is to represent the sector with a single voice and thus to contribute to the sector. accelerating changes and regulatory improvementpromoting and advocating the rail mode of transport for its environmental and social values, and promoting policies and regulatory changes that support modal transfer from other modes of transport to the train.

Among the fields of activity of the new association, as explained by the highest level representatives of its first four partners, intervention by all kinds of public administrations and national and international organizations that have authority over railway transportation, and the maintenance and development of relations with Turkey come to the fore. the same.

Its first action will be the continuation and deepening of the measures taken. mitigate the impact of the crisis Covid-19 on demandimplementation of measures that curb and reduce the energy cost or adapt the fare system to a new model that contributes to reaching 50 million high-speed passengers in Spain each year.

“Having representation is essential to jointly and unitely defend the common interests of rail passenger transport operators and to promote and develop the railroad as the axis of sustainable mobility,” said Carlos Bertomeu, Iryo, as well as chairman of the association.

For his part, President of Renfe, Isaías Táboas stated that it is “interesting” to join an association that combines the efforts of partners, so their suggestions will have more weight than each would do individually.

“Euskotren’s firm commitment to public transport as the backbone of mobility, as well as its leading role in coordination and interoperability policies, during the first 40 years of its existence as a public company of the Basque Government,” said Javier Seoane, general manager of Euskotren. .

Finally, on behalf of FGC, Pere Calvet, managing director of the FGC, pointed out that the train is “one of the most powerful and effective tools for tackling climate change”, adding that Ferrocarrils wants to lead all these initiatives that contribute to promoting use. contribute to the decarbonisation of the train and the planet.

Source: Informacion


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