Reuters: Russian sanctions on Gazprom subsidiaries exacerbate gas supply crisis in Europe

The problem of finding alternative sources of gas supply in Europe has become even more acute after Russia imposed sanctions on Gazprom’s European subsidiaries. Reuters.

Companies are predominantly located in countries that impose sanctions on Russia, and most of them are members of the European Union.

Robert Habek, head of the German Ministry of Economy, said that some subsidiaries of Gazprom Germania did not receive gas due to the sanctions. According to him, although the expected 3% decrease in supply could be offset by the market, Russia’s sanctions are aimed at raising prices.

The article emphasizes that although the German gas storage facilities are about 40% full, this is not enough, so additional stocks must be created to prepare for winter.

According to the agency, gas prices at the European headquarters TTF in the Netherlands increased by 20%. Overall, the indicator has risen sharply over the past year, increasing the burden on households and businesses.

It was previously reported that Gazprom’s former subsidiary, Gazprom Germania GmbH, did not purchase gas due to the sanctions imposed by Russia on companies. About declaration German Economy Minister Robert Habeck in his speech in the German Parliament.

Source: Gazeta


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