NP: Russia will take control of alternative gas sources for EU with drop in supply

Columnist Abdel Hakim al-Ruweida, in an article for NoonPost, suggested that if Russia’s gas supplies to European countries decrease, Moscow will try to seize control of alternative gas sources for the EU.

The assumption is based on the fact that Moscow is interested in investing in the construction of the world’s longest underwater gas pipeline, Nigeria-Morocco.

Abdel Hakim ar-Ruweida added that the project is part of plans to reduce dependency on blue fuel from Russia, through supplies from Egypt, Israel, Senegal, Angola and Nigeria.

“The Russians want to preserve the status of the “gas king”, as well as to minimize the damage from the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions. Thus, either Russia will continue to be Europe’s main supplier of energy sources, or it will take control of any project it sees as an alternative to Russian gas,” he said.

Former Moroccan government spokesman Mustafa Baitas declarationThe implementation of the Nigeria-Morocco submarine gas pipeline (Nigeria-Morocco Gas Pipeline, NMGP) is in the engineering development phase of the project.

Russia wants to finance Natural gas pipeline from Nigeria to Morocco and Europe. Nigerian authorities declared the interest shown by the Russian Federation in the construction of a gas pipeline connecting the African continent with Europe.

The 5,660 km long natural gas pipeline will be the longest in the world.

The Nigerian President’s administration plans to start construction before May 2023, before the end of his presidential term.

Source: Gazeta


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