A boat capsizes near Puerto Rico and at least 11 dead

At least eleven people Passed when a ship crashes this thursday Along with dozens of immigrants in western Puerto Rico, according to the U.S. Coast Guard. The Coast Guard stated on its official Twitter account that they have succeeded for the time being. save 31 people11 women and 20 men.

The boat, suspected of carrying illegal immigrants from the Dominican Republic, capsized about 10 nautical miles north of Puerto Rico’s islet of Desecheo. The Coast Guard, along with naval units from Puerto Rico, has been conducting a major rescue operation in the area since this afternoon. According to the Coast Guard’s previous statement, “one case mass rescue of unknown numbers of people in the water“.

Coast Guard observers received a communication that at approximately 11:47 p.m. local time (GMT), the crew of a Customs and Border Protection aircraft saw an overturned boat in the water with people who appeared to be unharmed. A large number of MH-60T helicopters were sent to the area from Borinquen Air Base and Coast Guard patrolman Joseph Tezanos. Staff from the Combined Forces Rapid Action Marine Units (FURA) from the western municipalities of Aguadilla and Añasco also support the work of federal agencies.

The strip of sea known as the Mona Canal that separates the Dominican Republic from Puerto Rico is a regular migration route and boats are seized every week. The Coast Guard announced today that they are returning 44 Dominicans to a Dominican Navy vessel after two ships were stopped in the Mona Canal while attempting to illegally reach the west coast of Puerto Rico. It is also the scene of shipwrecks like today. Three days ago, the coast guard reported that they had rescued a total of 68 people and found the body of a deceased person after the boat sank.

Source: Informacion


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