Most Russian employers support working four days a week 02:42

Most Russian employers support the introduction of a four-day work week. they write about it “News” With reference to the study.

According to the publication, 81% of Russian companies support the idea of ​​introducing a four-day work week, but only 4% consider such a possibility in the coming years.

It is noted that the reduction of the working week is mainly supported by large companies.

“The shortened work week means a more flexible approach to payroll formation and increased employee engagement. … Companies are not yet ready for another possible stress factor in the current unstable environment,” he said.

It is reported that the main advantage of the transition to a four-day-a-week system is the so-called reduction of burnout among employees, while the disadvantage is the need to lower salaries.

TASS earlier with reference to the superjob study reportedOnly 1% of companies in Russia started a four-day work week.

Source: Gazeta


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