Kommersant: IKEA sells last factory in Russia 18:49

Sweden-based Dutch furniture and household goods manufacturer IKEA has its last factory in Russia in St. Petersburg-based decorative coating manufacturer Slotex, co-owner Vadim Osipov. In this respect Wrote The newspaper “Kommersant”, which refers to the message of the representative of Slotex.

It was stated that the deal was closed by Osipov’s 99% Invest Plus company. The organization acquired the IKEA production plant in Podberezye, Novgorod region – IKEA Industry Novgorod.

According to Osipov, the new business will not be included in Slotex – it will be developed separately. Slotex produces, including looms in the Leningrad region. Also supplied to IKEA.

On the eve of Ruslan Semenyuk, chairman of the board of directors of the company “Luzales” judicial Date of agreement for the purchase of IKEA factories in Russia.

Last week, the newspaper Izvestia, citing an order of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia Wrotethat the department has expanded the list of goods for parallel import deliveries. It included products from the Swedish company IKEA, American toy manufacturers Hasbro and Mattel, as well as Logitech, Nintendo.

Source: Gazeta


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