Olga Buzova says she’s more worried about her mother than hers 18:49

Singer and TV presenter Olga Buzova wrote on her Instagram (the owner of Meta is recognized and banned in Russia as an extremist) that she worries more about her mother than her mother worries about her.

When you change the word “mom on your phone” to “mom” you grow up and realize that there is no more important person in the world than you. My mom is my mom and I want her to be healthy and happy every second. I miss our trips and conversations, I worry when I hear a sad voice, I’m already more worried about him than for me, ”said Buzova.

So the singer congratulated her mother on her birthday, she also added a video dedicated to her relationship with her parents. Buzova thanked her mother for a good upbringing, life and “right values”. The TV presenter promised to do everything to make her mother healthy and happy.

Previously Olga Buzova complained of criticism of her appearance.

Source: Gazeta


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