Thailand to extend tourist visa-free regime in the country 03:53

Siripakorn Cheavsamut, Vice President of Thailand Tourism Authority, said that the visa-free period for foreign tourists in the country, which was increased from 30 days to 45 days in 2022, will likely be extended. that quote Russian Association of Tour Operators (ATOR).

According to Cheavsamut, this issue is under consideration.

“Very likely the visa exemption will be extended,” Cheavsamuth said.

He believes that this decision will have a positive impact on the flow of Russian tourists.

According to ATOR, 480.5 thousand Russian Federation citizens visited Thailand in 2,5 months of 2023. The tourist flow exceeded the data for the whole of last year.

Previously reportedThat Thailand has become the absolute leader in the number of Russian tourists spending the winter.

Before that, in March, the Thai newspaper Bangkok Post Wrote7,600 Russian tourists want to renew their visas. According to the publication, there are about 32 thousand applications in total.

Source: Gazeta


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