Interia: UK cuts vegetable growing in greenhouses due to sharp rise in energy prices 13:26

Farmers in the UK are growing fewer vegetables in greenhouses as it comes at a very high cost amid rising energy costs. In this respect writer intera.

The publication noted that the British had a big problem. In some cities, while shops are emptying, restrictions are also imposed on vegetables, fruits and eggs. All this was due to reduced supply from some countries due to bad weather conditions affecting the crops. The situation was also affected by the restriction of greenhouse use for growing vegetables against the backdrop of rising energy prices.

According to chefs at various restaurants in England, in recent years it has become necessary to reduce the amount of vegetables in meals or replace them with other ingredients. I also had to face egg shortages, as supermarkets imposed a two-pack in one hand restriction.

At the same time, local people in some parts of the country did not notice any shortage of vegetables, although the restrictions remained. For example, three cucumbers per person or a pack of raspberries in one hand. In the same areas where there is shortage of certain products, locals hope that the problem will be resolved soon.

February 26, The Guardian newspaper WroteItalian restaurants in England are forced to give up tomatoes in their meals, especially pizza and pasta, due to rising prices. According to the Italian Cooks Federation in England, the price of tomatoes in the country rose from £5 to £20 within a year, and a box of core lettuce started costing £22 instead of £7.

Source: Gazeta


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