The Chinese man who robbed the gas station for $23 hid in a mountain cave for 14 years 13:26

A man in China who robbed a gas station for $23 hid in a mountain cave for 14 years. center of weirdness. There he hid from the police.

Liu Mouf was about 30 years old when he robbed a gas station with his two accomplices. But there was very little money at the box office – only $ 23. After that, the thieves dispersed, but soon the police found their Chinese accomplices and arrested them. Realizing that the authorities would catch him, the man decided to flee.

Liu spent his days hiding in the woods while the police interrogated his family and searched his home. Moufu eventually settled in a mountain cave. He went hunting and gathering blackberries, sometimes returning to the village to buy potatoes and meat and seeing his family for a few minutes.

Liu’s family repeatedly asked him to surrender to the authorities, but the man refused. It was only in 2023 that he realized that he had become a recluse and could no longer live like that. The man missed his father’s funeral for 14 years, his son’s wedding, and never saw his grandson again.

Mofu led the police into the cave and voluntarily surrendered. Liu is currently in custody and faces up to 10 years in prison.

It was previously learned that the Scotsman came out of a coma and living as a hermit for 40 years.

Source: Gazeta


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