Niva Travel has received a new body color

The AVTOVAZ plant in Togliatti has started painting Niva Travel SUVs in a new color. This is evidenced by a photo posted by the Avtograd News community – SUVs with a body of a new shade are photographed standing on a car transporter, which is being sent to a dealer. It is reported that the name of the shade is “Nessie 2” and previously there was no such shade in the Niva Travel range.

But he has a “sister”, Niva Legend. On the page of the classic SUV, the manufacturer indicates that this enamel is dark green, not metallic. Note that metallics require an additional payment of 12,000 rubles, and non-metallic shades do not add anything to the final price of the car.

AVTOVAZ has been experimenting quite a bit with shades and their transitions from model to model lately. So Granta got a red “carnelian” from Vesta of the first generation, a gray “damask” from Vesta NG, and she will probably receive a few more soon.

  • But there are still problems with the components on the conveyor belt – the factory’s internal territory is still full of insufficiently assembled machines.
  • “Behind the wheel” can be read in Odnoklassniki.

Source: Z R


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