Dealers don’t have enough employees to sell used cars

The largest car dealer Rolf is expanding its staff to develop business in the used car segment – there are not enough ready-made specialists in this market yet. Other dealers are also talking about the shortage of ready-made specialists in the market.

At dealers, difficulties arose with personnel, partly due to the announcement of a partial mobilization. At the same time, customers who wanted to sell their used car became more active.

Rolf is actively looking for staff in the regions – it plans to hire about a thousand people to expand its activities in Moscow and the Moscow region, according to Kommersant’s interlocutors among recruiters.

According to the dealer’s accounts, used cars already accounted for more than 50% of sales last year. The average load on Rolf’s service capacities in 2021 was approaching the maximum – 90%, it would open car purchase points in 11 regions this year.

Avtodom says the company is now trying to retain service employees. These are highly specialized specialists that cannot be replaced. Another major dealer, Klyuchavto, has 134 open positions on its own career website.

Fresh Auto’s network of car dealers also identified a shortage of highly qualified personnel: used car purchase managers, diagnosticians, sitters and auto mechanics. More than 2,000 employees work here, 65% of whom are in the used car segment.

The experts note that the used car service and trade are segments that can now be developed, as opposed to the new car segment, where the number of brands will be reduced and the supply limited.

Source: Z R


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