A young woman in Palma accuses her stepfather of sexually abusing her for nine years.

A young woman met her stepfather on Tuesday. sexually abused for almost ten yearsIn Palma, between the ages of five and thirteen. At the hearing in the State Court, the girl said that the man He started by exposing her to touch, eventually forcing her to have full sexual intercourse.. “He told me not to tell, if I did, everything would go wrong for us,” he said. At the end of the oral hearing, the prosecution continued its claim. 11 years in prison For prosecution and compensation of 12,000 euros.

The accused flatly denied all the accusations and filed the complaint, punishment for his stepdaughter, confiscated his mobile phone two days ago. “He was aggressive and didn’t respect boundaries,” the man said. He said he treated him “like a father”.

The young woman’s mother and the accused’s partner did not lend any credibility to her daughter’s story. “I didn’t think anything was real” He cited abuses allegedly told to him by the minor. He assured her that the girl’s intention was to end her relationship with the suspect. “I wanted to separate us as it is,” the woman said.said the victim had a “bad relationship” with both herself and her stepfather. The complainant’s father denied that she was a “complicated girl”. “He’s not a liar,” she said of him.

The coroner, who examined him while making the complaint, confirmed that he had a disease. anal fissure compatible with penetration.

Source: Informacion


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