The expert explained how “enhanced” gasoline actually works

Some fuel manufacturers promise many tantalizing benefits of using improved gasoline. But is everything so rosy? Expert from Za Rulem, the oldest and most authoritative automotive publication in Russia, Mikhail Kolodochkin listed them all and gave his assessment of such promises.

It is claimed that the higher octane number of improved gasoline can increase fuel efficiency and reduce engine emissions in modern cars. In addition, improved fuel increases the performance of the engine, releasing the energy reserve of its internal power (by the way, the latter statement is technically incorrect and it is not clear what exactly the fuel manufacturer intended to explain with this sentence) .

Particular emphasis is placed on the fact that using improved fuel allows you to drive several kilometers more on each tank than refueling with conventional fuel, as well as increasing power. And at the same time, even numbers (percentages) are given:

  • +11% fuel consumption,
  • +13.8% power increase.

All of the above is not true, or rather, it works differently. Manufacturers are silent on the real benefits of improved fuel, experts at Za Rulem say.

Expert opinion

Mikhail Kolodochkin, driving expert:

– Professional petrochemists have repeatedly explained that the main effect of all improved gasolines is based on their high detergency. Such a fuel, with constant use, removes accumulated deposits and prevents the formation of new ones. On older engines, they can clean the fuel system, returning the machine’s characteristics to passport values.

Octane number is not synonymous with calories. Another thing is that in hot weather, using a high octane gasoline will save you from possible detonation and thus help give the nameplate power. But never exceed it.

In reality, driving at one gas station, say 50 km more, is only possible when a properly polluted engine can be washed from deposits due to a prolonged transition to “improved” gasoline.

Therefore, fill in such fuel! At least occasionally. Personally, I always use gasoline with detergent additives. In any case, there has not yet been a chance to hear about a negative effect on the engine of such fuel.

We offer to learn more about the characteristics of improved fuel in Mikhail Kolodochkin’s original article “Why you should fill in improved gasoline – 5 (false!) statements.”

Source: Z R


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