Another traffic fine cancelled

Now the driver of the car, who commits violations in the operation of the engine, and may also fail to pass the secondary elements of the vehicle structure, will not be fined. He can only get a warning or verbal remark from the traffic police inspector.

Such a possibility is provided in the Code of Administrative Violations of the Russian Federation (Article 2.7 (extremely necessary) and 2.9 (possibility of exemption from administrative liability in case of insignificance of an administrative violation)). It is recommended to use it by the leadership of the Ministry of the Interior. The letter to the territorial bodies of the Ministry of the Interior states that inspectors should more often exempt drivers from fines for minor violations, using the above instructions.

“It is proposed to apply these instructions in case of minor traffic violations during the transportation of consumer goods, agricultural products, industrial goods and other goods necessary to maintain the sustainable functioning of the economy,” emphasizes the head of the Chief Directorate for road safety, movement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Police Lieutenant General Mikhail Chernikov.

Please note that the cancellation of the fine only applies to freight transport. Drivers of defective passenger cars will continue to be fined.

You can read here which other violations can lead to a verbal warning instead of a fine.

Source: Z R


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