Has the shishige replacement become a reality? Let’s talk about the new Urals!

At the Expodrev exhibition recently held in Krasnoyarsk, the Ural Automobile Plant showed a promising Ural-4360 truck. I must say that in August the car was already exhibited at the Army-2022 forum, but if then the factory workers only studied...


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Antena 3 airs first episode of ‘The Gypsy Bride’ vs ‘The Island of Temptations’

'Island of interest' There will be a new opponent to beat this week. antenna 3 announced the open premiere of the first episode of the series. 'Gypsy Bride'The first two parts are available...

‘El Hormiguero’ sets a date for Tim Burton and Jamie Lee Curtis’ visit

antenna 3 This week, two world-renowned artists will be on the set. 'anthill'. He continues to be the international guests of the talk show and in the coming days the film director Tim...



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