China approves autonomous robot taxis

Chinese tech giant Baidu has received a license to operate China’s first fully self-driving taxi. informs Bloomberg.

The robotic taxi will operate during the day in certain areas of the cities of Wuhan and Chongqing. Five Apollo robotic taxis will be used in each of the two cities. The service area for drones will be 13 square meters. km and 30 square meters in the city center of Wuhan. km in Chongqing.

Previously, the authorities of Chinese cities did not allow robotic taxis to operate in a completely unmanned mode and required a person in the driver’s seat who could take control in an emergency.

Wei Dong, vice president of Baidu Intelligence Driving Group, said the company will hold talks with Beijing and Guangzhou officials to obtain similar permits.

It was previously known in Russia. intent More than 105,000 Kia Rios were recalled due to airbag problems.

Source: Gazeta


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