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Sales of a new version of the Exeed TXL crossover with a powerful turbo engine began in Russia


The Chinese company Exeed introduced a new version of the TXL crossover on the Russian market. This was reported by the press service of the brand.

Now the model is offered not only with a 1.6-liter engine, but also with a more powerful 197-horsepower two-liter turbo engine. It works in conjunction with a seven-speed robotic transmission. The driver is complete. The car accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 9 seconds. The car can go up to 200 km/h.

A car with a two-liter engine can be ordered in the Sport Edition. This version features red brake calipers and a new central tunnel. The model is equipped with a DVR, additional Type-C USB ports, a full-fledged spare wheel instead of a dokatka. The cost of this version is 4,649,900 rubles.

Previously reportedHaval received a patent for the appearance of the H6S coupe-shaped crossover. It is unknown whether the Haval H6S will appear on the Russian market.

Source: Gazeta



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