What will happen to the Russian SMP RSKG races? Response from the organizers

New circumstances, driven by the political and economic environment, are affecting every aspect of the motoring world, and motorsport is no exception. But despite this, the next season of the SMP RSKG will be held. Boris Rotenberg, the founder and head of the SMP Racing program, spoke about what will happen to Russian track racing in the near future.

Boris Rotenberg, founder and head of the SMP Racing program:

— For eight years, SMP Racing has been a partner of the Russian Automobile Federation in the development of national circuit motorsport. In December last year, the contract to hold the championship and the Cup of Russia in motor circuit racing was extended. With the support of RAF President Viktor Nikolayevich Kiryanov, systematic development continued in a variety of circumstances – from the financial crisis of 2014 to the pandemic of 2020-2021.

The success story will be continued in the 2022 season, which will be the next stage in the development of the Championship and Cup of Russia, united in the Russian circuit racing series. The debut of new classes is planned, a large-scale entertainment program for spectators will be organized on the stages, broadcasts will be carried out. SMP Racing and the Russian Automobile Federation are working to further develop the competition.”

What will happen to the Russian SMP RSKG races?  Response from the organizers

Recall that the partnership between the RAF and SMP Racing started in 2014. In 2021, the number of participants in the SMP RSKG has grown from 84 to 136 pilots, the number of classes has increased from four to seven. Broadcasts are permanently organized on federal and thematic TV channels, up to 15,000 viewers gathered on the stages before the pandemic.

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