Chery registered more than 10 new car brands in Russia 18:44

Chinese automaker Chery has patented more than ten new brands in the automobile class in Russia. In this respect reports Telegram channel “Autopotok” with a link to the database of the Federal Institute of Industrial Property (FIPS).

Especially in the last few days, Chery has secured the rights to the names Fatena, Skala, Maxeed, Onives, Innova, Fatena, Jaceer and Jaegoo. There are no plans to use the new brands assigned to Chery.

In the Russian market, Chery offers cars under the brands Chery, Exeed and Omoda. Chery in November 2023 announced About the intention to create a sub-brand Chery NEV for hybrid and electric vehicles in Russia. Later its name was changed to Chery Tiggo. Chery’s Exeed brand is also announced About the intention to sell cars under the Exlantix subbrand in Russia.

Former Russian Deputy Prime Minister Denis Manturov saidWhat does GAZ have to do with the revived Volga brand?

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Source: Gazeta


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