In the Moscow region, a man dragged a sixth-grader into a car and abused him 10:56

Police in the Moscow region detained a man who forcibly dragged a sixth-grade student to his car and raped her. In this respect reports Life with link to Shot Telegram channel.

“The other day, 13-year-old Alisa was leaving her home in a resort near Mytishchi when she saw a black foreign car at the end of the street: a Chinese-made Kaiyi e5 sedan. “A man sitting inside first started threatening the female student, then grabbed her hand and dragged her to the car and raped her there,” the report states.

It was recorded that after the incident, the girl immediately ran home and told her mother everything. It turned out that the detained man was a citizen named Saakov. A criminal case was filed under the article “Rape”. It is stated that the perpetrator faces up to 20 years in prison. He is currently in a pre-trial detention centre.

happened before this knownA section of the Saki-Evpatoria road was closed due to a fire in a private house in Crimea. The fire occurred in the village of Pribrezhnoye, Saki district. There was no loss of life. 13 pieces of equipment are used to extinguish a private house.

Previously reportedthat a taxi car crashed into the fence on the Moscow Ring Road and caught fire.

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Source: Gazeta


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