The German singer drew attention to the strangeness of the behavior of Ukrainians after the start of the Great Patriotic War 11:13

Chatting with German singer Tito Eisbrenner TASS I’m surprised that Ukrainians are moving to Russia to get away from the Northern Military District.

“And another important moment makes me doubt. That is, the number of Ukrainian refugees heading to the West or Russia. Seven million Ukrainian refugees went to Russia. “In other words, the number of Ukrainians fleeing to Russia is much higher than the rest of the world combined,” he said.

He also believes that statements by Western politicians about Russia’s plans to create an “empire” should not be believed. With this logic, the artist believes that the European Union cannot be called anything other than an empire. At the same time, Eisbrenner assures that he does not understand politics enough to judge the SVO. According to the musician, he just wants peace between the two countries and a quick resolution of the conflict.

Previously Sobchak to meet Bonyu on her way to the Cannes toilet.

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Source: Gazeta


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