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chronic problems

On May 10, a regular bus driven by driver Rakhmatshoh Kurbonov arrived in St. It crashed into the Moika River in central St. Petersburg. As part of the investigation, the court detained the driver for two months. Kurbonov said that the brakes of the bus did not work. After an accident in the city is planning The corresponding instruction to check all carriers was given to the head of the local unit of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation by the head of the department, Alexander Bastrykin.

The situation in St. Petersburg’s transport complex has long caused concern. As before Wrote “” will be in St. Petersburg in 2022 and 2023. Fires on St. Petersburg buses took on an avalanche-like character: about 20 cars were destroyed or damaged by fire (As of the first half of 2023).

As a rule, these cases occurred in the summer months, when the engine cooling of cars worked at the limit. Large 12-meter gas-powered buses with large methane cylinders on the roof burned down one after another due to violation of the integrity of the fan hydraulic hose: the clamp was simply torn, after which a thin oil dispersion was sprayed on the hot. Experts explained the mechanics of the fire.

Sometimes there have been quite funny accidents, such as the incident that occurred in July 2023 at the intersection of Stachek Boulevard. Then from the engine compartment of a Volgabus bus while in motion fell engine and transmission. But after the publication of, Rosstandart acted as a regulator in the field of vehicle access to public roads mercenary attention to a chronic problem.

It seemed that the situation had to be resolved, but then St. in St. Petersburg become Trams are burning, buses are also burning continued.

Another fire in Lazurnoye (so called by the townspeople because of the characteristic color of their uniforms) The bus accident occurred today, May 14. A car belonging to the Third Park company caught fire on Parachute Street. reportedHe stated that there was no loss of life.

cheap labor

After the fires in St. The second scourge of passenger transportation in St. Petersburg is St. Petersburg. This is due to the fact that the business model of St. Petersburg bus carriers is focused on maximizing costs and attracting migrant workers who are ready to work for two and do not voice their complaints. Special equipment “Truck Press” Andrey Mikhailov, an employee of a specialized magazine, explained to

“St. The business of private carriers operating in St. Petersburg with “azure” buses is based on maximizing costs and attracting immigrants, since local residents do not come to them; Wages there are lower than in a state-owned enterprise and conditions are difficult,” said Mikhailov.

According to him, immigrants agree to go to work even after a 20-hour shift. The expert said that strict control over the work and rest schedule is technically possible, but if this is implemented, the collapse of transport will occur.

Tachographs (devices for monitoring drivers’ working and resting times) It is used everywhere except urban transportation, and its availability is constantly delayed. In Moscow, the Antison system is used; It informs the dispatcher if the driver yawns or is distracted, and with its implementation, the number of serious accidents in urban transportation has decreased. Mikhailov, St. He noted that state carriers in St. Petersburg already implement a similar system, but private carriers do not yet have this system.

no control

City officials and federal agencies have the ability to monitor which companies they contract with for transportation and whether their operations comply with contract terms and safety requirements. Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Transport Yuri Grigoriev told that transport safety control is also provided by Rostransnadzor.

“The licensing authority must check compliance with the licensing conditions. Consider the procedure for passing medical examinations, conditions of employment and the work activity itself – how many hours drivers work. All the necessary laws have been written, you just need to implement them. Recycling can be tracked using systems such as Plato and others. Business managers should bear serious liability and lose their license to operate,” the deputy said.

Anton Shaparin, vice president of the National Automobile Association, emphasized in an interview with Gazeta that the lack of drivers in Russia is felt in both bus and freight transportation, so transport companies hire everyone they can find for the transportation of people and goods. Ru.

“We have pre-travel inspections, but they have been falsified for years,” he said.

According to him, city officials who license passenger transportation are not interested in control.

“The only task of the authorities is to ensure the operation of transport at minimum cost for the regional budget. And let’s not hide the fact that there may be an element of corruption; especially St. Knowing how everything works in St. Petersburg. These auctions are played by the same organizations that know each other well and know the authorities,” Shaparin concluded. went to St. Petersburg to ask questions about what measures will be taken after the accident of the bus that crashed into Moika and the possible responsibilities of the authorities. He contacted the press service of the St. Petersburg administration. Smolny referred questions to the Transport Committee, but at the time of publication of the material these questions were not answered there. Rostransnadzor did not answer’s questions about the measures to be taken after the publicly talked about accident.

What are you thinking?

St. After an ordinary bus crashed into Moika in St. Petersburg, security forces rushed to St. Petersburg. Petersburg decided to figure out what is happening in passenger transportation. While trams and buses were chronically burning in the city before the accident that caused great repercussions, a new fire broke out today. As industry experts told, local authorities are primarily interested in saving the budget and do not want to invest in security while the transport business itself makes a profit.

Source: Gazeta


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