Mercedes with 7 passengers on board flew into a residential building and burned down

Early in the morning the driver of the MercedesBenzran a red light and tried to avoid a collision with a taxi, lost control of the vehicle and crashed into the wall of a residential building on Zubovsky boulevard in central Moscow.

The impact caused the car to catch fire, killing two people and hospitalizing six, according to the capital’s public prosecutor’s office Telegram channel. In the photo – all that remains of the car.

Photos from the scene

Photos from the scene

The accident killed the driver and the girl – the passenger in the front seat.

Previously, there were reports that the car was in motion without state numbers, but this has not been officially confirmed.

Expert opinion

Maxim Kadakovyeditor-in-chief of the magazine “Behind the wheel”:

There are two things that caught my attention in this story. First: young people aged 18-23 drive through the capital without a license plate. They are not afraid of anything. Second: immediately after the impact a police car arrives. That is, when a car without number plates races through the city at breakneck speed, only a wall can stop it.

It’s time to enter the repossession of cars. And not only for drink-driving, but also for driving without license plates, for frame shifters, etc. I get it!

All circumstances of the incident are currently being mapped out. The prosecutor’s office of the Central Administrative District of Moscow is involved.

Source: Z R


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